November 12

1.  I feel extra grateful today!  The sun is shining, I feel good, my house is semi picked up and I don't have loads of things to tonight.  Less is always best!!!
2.  Emilee and Max are in the same seminary class today for the first time.  I transferred Max over to PG's seminary and I've always wanted Emilee to have a sibling to go to school with.  Even if its just one period it makes me happy!
3.  Max made the high school basketball team. I cried all night for those that didn't make it!!
4.  The fireplace
5.  We had the first snow fall this week.  We made soup and scones just like I promised Jayne.
6.  The Reflections at the school is over.  Hallelujah!  Lucy won Award of Excellence with her cute colored squirrel.
7.  I went to Abbie's CCR's today at school. She makes me proud!
8.  Halloween candy in the house.
9.  A quiet house for a bit to think.
10.  I found the CUTEST note today from Lucy to her dad.  It says..."Dear Dad, I know you have been in lots of stress but I want you to know that I love you and I'm here for you.  You are the best dad in the whole world and I don't know what I would do without you.  you help me with basketball and my homework.  your mine and I will be yours xoxoxo love Lucy."   I love that girl!!!!


October 13

* We went to La Casita last night with the kids.  Jason was craving it and Jayne bawled all the way there cause she didn't want to eat there.  She cries about most places we go to eat.  If it isn't Panda Express or have chicken nuggets she lets us know that she doesn't approve!
* This fall weather is unbelievable!
*  Sometimes a quite house with just my thoughts is nice.
*  I'm glad Emilee is still sleeping here and apart of our family.
*  I am grateful for a big washer and dryer!


October 12

*  I am grateful for weekends today.  It's Monday morning and I always feel better after having a weekend with my husband and kids at home.  The weekdays are such a whirlwind that it feels good to have a weekend of a little change and sometimes slower paced.
*  Yesterday was Henry's baby blessing.  He is the sweetest.  It was good to see  my 4 oldest sitting on a bench at church together in front of us.  I love having my family at church together!!!!  I also was glad that Jason could stand in the circle with  Lew.  He bore his testimony about his dad and Jason being his examples.
*  Last night was one of the best nights I remember.  It would have been perfect if Emilee was with us.  We went out to Day Break to look at houses.  The weather was beautiful and we found this awesome pond with a million ducks and the funnest parks.  We got out and walked around and played.  It was so fun to all be together and to watch my kids all play together.  That little community over there is a dream.
*  Max is back playing football again.  I've been a little hesitant whether he should play again or not.  I don't want  him hurt again.  He played GREAT!  I am continually amazed at what an Awesome little athlete he is.  He is naturally SO good and is so fun to watch!:)
*  I am always so grateful to my mom and dad.  They came down to watch Max's game on Saturday.  They are the best!  My mom also made Lucy the cutest little red riding hood cape for Halloween.  Lucy loved it and is so excited to wear it.  She is always to thoughtful and kind and I love her.  I also wish that maybe I had paid a little more attention in clothing in high school:)  Thank heavens for grandmas!


October 6

1.  I am grateful for a living prophet and General Conference.  It was an amazing weekend! I feel stronger from listening to the messages that were shared.  I loved Elder Bednar's closing talk of the Conference.  We belong to the greatest church in the world!!
2.  I am lucky to be blessed with so many girls to spend a girls night out during the Priesthood session.  We went to the Pizza Factory, then to the mall to visit Emilee, take photo booth pictures, and shop a little.  Grandma Clark joined us and it was fun!
3.  I am grateful for Dr. Kiser.  He is a miracle worker.  He healed Max's shoulder, and is helping me a lot with my foot.  What a blessing that Dad and Bob hooked us up with  him.  Max says "He is UNREAL and did me real good." :)
4.  I'm grateful that my kids have such a loving and wise dad.  I am continually amazed at the wisdom and council he is giving Emilee right now.
5.  Costco's chocolate turtles!
6.  I love spending nights over at the lot we are thinking about getting and dreaming.
7.  I'm grateful for a very capable husband.  Emilee's bug broke down on the way  home from work on Saturday night and he always knows what to do.  Saturday morning he drove it into down and into his trailer and transported  it down to Jimmy's love bug to get fixed.


October 2 2015

It's been a long month.... Hard, heart breaking, healing, loving, and lots of learning!!

*Chantz came home from his mission.  Which was  my worst nightmare.  I have felt more emotions then I knew was possible!.  It's been a good and hard month as we have tried to regroup and move forward.  I had been counting down the days for him to go so I could get my Emilee back and let her have 2 years to breathe and find herself.  Him coming home took that away.  Even though they aren't seeing each other very much she is still very connected to him with her phone.  More then anything I want Emilee to figure our who she is separate of a boy or anyone else.  I want her to figure out what she wants in her life and what she truly believes.  I think she is good at telling everyone what they want to hear.  She hasn't had enough life experience to know what she wants.  She is mature in many ways but so young and na├»ve in others. I want the world for my girl!!  She is so capable and talented and has the whole world a head of her.  And above anything I want her to be happy.  Truly happy!!  I pray everyday that she can be strong!  That she can figure out what Heavenly Father has in store for her life and that she will know what is best for her and have the courage to do it!  I know it's been a really hard month for her and I am proud of her for handling it all as well as she has. This next year is terrifying for me.  My last year having her home with me where I really get a say.  I  know she is counting down the days until she can be on her own and free.  It is the hardest thing I have ever had to do so far in my life.  I feel her slipping through my fingertips and all I want to do is hold on tighter.  This month I have learned that being a parent is the hardest thing there is to do.  It is HARD!!  Terrifying, heartbreaking, and can make you crazy.  But I also have felt a whole new level of love and a desire to protect and fix her heart ache.  I love my Emilee and always will forever!!

* I am grateful for great parents who took Em in for the weekend when he first got home and loved and counseled with her.  They are the best and I so glad that my kids love them too!

*I'm grateful for a loving family for their texts and calls to check on us all.  Especially Nicole!

*I am grateful for a wise and loving Bishop who made both of our hearts feel a better.

*I am grateful for Jason who has been my best friend and partner through it all.  I have felt a deeper love for him as I have watched him hurt and show such a deep love for Emilee.  His council and love to her has been unbelievable to me.  I am so glad that he is the head of our family!  He is an amazing dad!

*I am so grateful for Maddy, Saib, and Cam!! They have been angels to Emilee!!

*I am grateful that Emilee has MATC.  It has been a blessing in her life.

*Max separated his shoulder in football.  I am grateful for Bob Norton and his mad scientist friend Jim who has worked his magic and hopefully healed his shoulder.

* I am SO grateful for Dr. Taylor and Melissa!  They have put me on all of these vitamins and hopefully they will help me.

*Went to the temple last night with Jay.  I have never felt more love for him in my life then I did in the chapel waiting for our session.  I was completely overwhelmed by this feeling of warmth, peace, and love. (Went through for Sarah Womack, a family name)

*Jayne gave our family night on Monday.  Cutest and funniest night EVER!!!  She had everything set up on the cedar chest with a blanket it over it and we didn't know what to expect.  She starts by pulling out a glass mason jar and explains that when we talk to Heavenly Father we talk out loud so he can hear us.  Then she bangs on the jar with a spoon to make a noise loudly.  Then she gets a bottle of perfume and sprays in and explains that Heavenly Father speaks back to us quietly like a whisper of a spray of perfume:)  Then she pulls out different pictures of Christ and talks about them.  When she gets to the picture of the Garden of Gethsemane, she says, "Jesus went to the secret grove to ask Heavenly Father which church is true."  Then she pulls out another glass jar that is full of little pieces of broken bread and tells us to remember him and eat the bread and then passes around a blue camping water bottle and tells us to have a drink of water.  We all were laughing so hard we could hardly keep a straight face.  She is the cutest little girl and makes our house so happy.  She loves to make things special and put a lot of time and effort into that family night.  I love her and hope she always loves the gospel and wants to have family night!

*I had my 41st birthday this week.  I love how my family tries hard to make it a special day.  Emilee bought me a new cute shirt.  Lucy wrote 41 things she loved about me and it was the cutest. Jayne wrapped up all kinds of presents for me that she found around the house and painted me the cutest butterfly.  Max and Abbie sent me cute texts saying they loved me and Jason took me shopping, to lunch, and came home from work with beautiful red roses and my favorite chocolates.  I love my family!!!!  We went to Abbie's volleyball games  in Westlake and to kneaders in between.


August 26

* Watching Lucy play in her first competitive soccer game last night.  She is definitely a soccer player!  She scored one of the teams two goals and played soo tough!!  She was all about bumping and getting her way on that field!:)
*Walking in the rain this morning with all of the neighbor ladies.
*I love that Emilee is so dependable and wakes herself up every morning and gets to school on time.
*Spotify. It get's me through my days.
*Neighbors to help me carpool to school and all of my kids sports stuff.  I couldn't do it without them!


August 25

*Watching my two littlest girls at the bus stop together.  They had matching colored jeans on with white shirts and their hair slicked back in buns.  Lucy left last and Jayne yelled "Lucy I saved you a spot in line."  I love those two so much!
*I love that the bus stop is in our front yard!
*Getting to walk after the bus leaves and all my kids are gone.
*Waffles and peaches and cream for dinner last  night that Emilee made.  I love her help!!
*Bowling for FHE last night and everyone was there.  Including EM!! Jayne won us all.
*Jason holds me every night before we go to sleep.  Best part of my day!
*Shooting with Max at the church and getting to rebound for him.  Yesterday he drove us to the church because he got his permit.  He made a really wide turn and I told him that he didn't need to go out that far and he said "I thought it was a round-a-bout.:) He had his new Air Jordan's on and told me that "it really helps my vertical and brings me luck.  I have a completely different mindset now!":)
*Yesterday was Abbie and Lucy's last guitar lesson for now.  Life is too busy.  I love picking them up and seeing them come out laughing and hearing all about Gary.  I love that they are best friends.
*I went and watched Abbie tryout for Volleyball last night.  She is amazing!!


August 19

*First day of school.  Everyone looked so cute and had big smiles on their faces when they headed out the door.  The tears came on and off all day long.  Life is crazy how things change.
*I'm so glad that Max and Abbie have each other at Jr. High and Lucy and Jayne have each other at school.
*A long walk with Shauna, Jeanette, and Heather after the kids got on the bus.
*A BUSY day getting ready for our Back to school dinner and FHE.  We had roast, creamed potaotes and peas, creamed corn off the cob, fresh beans from the garden, watermelon, and Tres Leches cake.  Our theme was Rise Above.  I want my kids to know that they can be different then their friends and others at school.  Just because we are surrounded by different values and standards we don't have to do the same.  We can be different & stronger and judge our standards by the Lords standards.
*I have a hard working husband.  He was at Aspen  Lakes until 9:00 tonight and never stops.
*Emilee liked MATC for the first day.
*Everyone came home with smiles for the most part.
*Jayne FINALLY had her first dance class at Wasatch Ballet with Ellie.  She has anxiously waiting for this day for years!  She came home tapping and dancing all around the house for the rest of the night.

August 18th

* More back to school shopping with the kids. I'm grateful that we can afford to get our kids what they need to feel ready and confident for school.
*Saw Emilee working and took her lunch.
* The excitement in Jayne as she picked out a matching Sophia the First backpack to go with her lunch box.
*Back to school advice and blessings from their dad.  I was a MESS!  I can't remember a time that  I cried so hard.  It is hard having a Senior and a first grader in the same year. This will be the first time in almost 18 years that they will all be at school all day.  This transition is brutal!  Where has the time gone when I had a house of little people?
*Jayne had a paper that she wrote blessings on and everyone's name and after each blessing she would check off their name and call the next person. :)
*Every blessing was so amazing and perfect for that child.  As I listened and watched each of their faces, I had such an AMAZING amount of love for each child.  I am the luckiest mom.
*Then he ended with the most incredible blessing for me. Just what I needed and the best blessing I can every remember having.  I love Jason!!
*Jayne faked crying the whole time because she saw us emotional.


August 7 2015

It's been awhile.... I am needing to stop and count my blessings in my life right now and focus on the good around me. 

*Rereading some of my past gratitude posts.  I have had the best life and it's a good reminder of some great past memories.  I miss my little kids!!
*   Braiding Lucy's hair in a rope braid crown around her head.  She looks darling today.  Still am far from being good at hair but she makes me try:)
* Spent some quality time with Max today.  Took him around to sell his food truck cards for football.  We both hate it and I end up hiding in my car while he goes to the door.  Im grateful for those nice neighbors who say yes!  (Van Broderick)
* Then I took Max down to the DMV so Max could get his permit.  Waited in a HUGE line and then remembered we didn't have his birth certificate. DUH!  So we left.  We need that done before school starts.
*  Dr. Taylor!!  I took Max with me yesterday and he adjusted him for the first time.  I hope it helps him!  I feel bad he has inherited my bad back.  When I watched him play football the other night it was like watching an old man move and run.
* Raisin Bran
* Texts from Emilee.  She is at Sea World today with Chantz.  Hope all is well!
* Sleeping with our bedroom fan on every night.
* Watching the first Republican debate last night.  It's all starting again.
* Lucy will clean Bluebee's bowl!


August 23 2012

1.  The kids are all back in school and seem to be happy. 
2.  Jayne started preschool at Miss Misti's yesterday with Chaz and Ryder.  She wanted a boys backpack and wants to be just like them.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch her at school.  I hope she can hold still.
3.  I had 2 hours to myself yesterday.  It felt good.  I cranked my music and made raspberry and strawberry jam.
4.  I love texting Jamie.  She always makes me laugh.
5.  Last night me and the girls sat out on the basketball court and watched the sunset.
6.  I went to lunch with my mom this week at Brick Oven.  I love her.
7.  I love my nightly back massage from Jason.  The best part of my day.
8.  After school the kids all want alone time with me in the pantry so they can tell me all of their secrets about their day.  I love it!
9.  Lucy is back begging for home lunches.  She has her outfit and her hairdo picked out the night before.
10.  Max is officially doing his own hair everyday and doesn't need me for much anymore.  Which is a big change.  He has always wanted me to do EVERYTHING for him. 
11.  Jason and I watched Emilee at the High School football game the other night with all of her friends.  She is a cute girl. 
11.  I loved my time with Abbie last night as she read out loud to me.  I hope school really sinks in with her this year.


August 10

1.  My family is in Laguna this week and I am sad we are not there.  I am grateful for the BEST memories I have had over the years there!  It is a sacred place to me, and I will be back!
2.  We spent last weekend in Cedar City at Max's baseball tournament with Blackhurst.  They won the whole thing:)  It was fun to be a part of that awesome team with such fun people. Max was a little nervous and unsure playing with them, but I was proud of him.  His final game didn't end until 2:00 am.  (Milk shakes between games, cooler of drinks and treats, Batting cages and Go carts, Pizza Factory, HOT hotel in St. George and staying up one whole night sweating, early swimming with the girls, the Bear Paw)
3.  Jason has NEVER been better to me.  He calls me 20 times a day to check on me, stops by home everyday and sometimes eats lunch with me, and rubs by back every night for an hour while we watch the Olympics each night.  We are loving the Olympics.
4.  Em is on the freshman/sophomore soccer team.  She has been doing a soccer camp this whole week that Lucy and Abbie are going to, and had her first game.  I hope it's a fun season for her.
5.  Max has started football and I love to go over to his practices and sit in the shade and enjoy the summer nights.  It is the highlight of my day to get out of the house and relax.
6.  It is finally sinking in that  I don't have a baby.  Taking Jayne to Lake Powell and St. George made me realize that I have a family with all big kids.  She acts just like the rest of them.  This morning she came and got into my bed like usual, and made me pinky promise about something.  It made me laugh how fast she is growing up.  She is counting down every day until preschool starts.  She makes us drive by Misti's everyday so she can see her school.
7.  Abbie and Lucy are great buddies.  I love how they love to be together.  They play together, sleep together, and spend most of their time laughing together.  I hope that will never change.


June 28

1.  Last night Abbie hosted a lovely garden party in the Yarro's backyard.  I was formally invited with an invitation and when I arrived Abbie and Isabelle were in matching outfits.  They had made freshly squeezed juice and brownies for refreshments.  They had a written script, took us on a tour of the garden they have been working on for two days (including a handmade water feature), and then we enjoyed live entertainment.  It was fun to see those creative girls in action.
2.  Took the boys to get shaved ice after camp tonight. Max won the ball handling contest.
3.  Went to get dry ice with Jason late lasat night for Max's warts.  Thank you to the man at the pharmacy who gave us that tip.  It only cost 5 cents:)
4.  Dallin H Oaks conference talk on Sacrifice. 
5.  Emilee went to do baptisms for the dead early this morning.


June 27

1.  I have been spending my nights working along side Jason at Riverside.  He has had an after hours pool project and I have been lucky enough to be his clean up crew.  I love being by him no matter where it is.  The nights have been so beautiful and I love watching my smart hard working husband in action.  One night I even let Jayne sneak in the pool for a bit:)
2.  Max is enjoying his favorite week of the summer.  He is at BYU baksetball camp and loving every second of it.  We went and watched his last game last night and I have already been down there twice today.  He called in need of a t-shirt because of the awesome honor code he couldn't wear his sleevless shirt into the cannon center for lunch:)  He reminded coach Rose that he would play for him someday.
3.  Emilee worked at the Zimbi plant today.  I love it when she is busy.
4.  Lucy is counting down the days until her birthday.  She has big plans... she was hoping for a grand party in wallsburg, then to Cafe Rio for dinner followed by a stop to get smoothies and then home for a big sleepover.  I am trying to help her revise it a bit:)  I love how she gets so excited about everything.
5.  We spent all Saturday at a 7 on 7 football tournament up in SLC for Max.  It was hot and fun to have a whole day to just watch him.  He was tired from camping all week.
6.  I took Jayne to the Strawberry Days carnival...just the two of us.  I tried my best to get out of it but she kept saying that by me not taking her it was making her "very very very angry and she knows what angry means - SAD!"  It actually was such a fun night to watch her so happy on every ride!
7.  Saturday night we took all the kids to the rodeo.  It was the best night!  The rodeo was great topped off with fireworks and dancing.  Emilee was so mad that we made her go and she was  mortified by all of our dancing.  But deep down she had to have had fun!  Then we talked our dad into taking us to Sonic for slushies before bed.
8.  Me and my mom went and got pedicures and to lunch for her birthday.  I love being with her!
9.  My dad picked me up from girls camp Thursday Night late because he didn't want me sleeping home alone.   I loved hearing Emilee bear her testimony.  I love her!
10.  Jamie is coming home.  I can't wait!

June 20

1.  Me and my girls watched "We bought a Zoo" last night.  Lucy was throwing up and sick:(
2.  Abbie has been going to UVU's basketball camp and then to PGHS's volleyball camp.  It has been some long days for her but I think she has been having fun.
3.  I love when Lucy and her friends are nice to Jayne.  She wants to be wherever they are and it makes all the difference when they are kind.
4.  Emilee texted me that they didn't have muddy buddys at camp, so I hurry and made up a bunch and sent them up with a leader. 
5.  Jason is heading up to be with Max tonight.  I'm glad they have each other!


June 19

1.  I have two kids at camp this week and our house feels lonely.
2.  I am so glad that Emilee decided to go to girls camp!!  It was a tearful Sunday for both of us as we struggled with the decision.  It is soccer camp this week at the high school too.  I watched her as she tried to decide what was best. Her tender spirit new she should go to girls camp and I was grateful that she listened to it!  I hope she has a great week!  I am thankful to Kari and some other influences for helping her get there:)
3.  Max looked so cute in his scout uniform as he headed out for a week.  I'm glad he has a good dad who helped him get all ready with his fishing pole, bike, and all his goods.  Jason is going up tomorrow to spend the rest of the week with him.
4.  Last night was one of the top 10 nights of my life.  Jason and I took the kids to ride bikes up the canyon to Vivian Park for a picnic.  It was so beautiful and just a perfect night in every way.  I loved watching  Lucy pedal her heart out and talk my ear off as we rode.  She sang primary songs and kept telling me how many pounds she was losing.  She took Emilee's big bike and we lowered the seat and she was a trooper!  Jayne rode behind Jason in her little carriage and Abbie lead the way with a big smile.  I hope I can remember that night forever!
5.  Jason and I have been exercising every night.  We found the most beautiful trail right behind our house that we didn't even know  existed.  We have been either hiking every night or bike riding up the canyon.  I love being with him!!!  The nights have been so beautiful with pink skies and perfect temperatures.  We even took Emilee and Max with us one Sunday night and started our hike at 10:00 and didn't get home until after midnight.  The Yarros joined us a few times.  I LOVE SUMMER NIGHTS!
6.  I love to lay by my little girls each night and sing to them as they fall asleep.
7.  My mom had Grandma's camp last week up at Wallsburg.  My kids had a week of a lifetime!  They don't stop talking about all of the fun they had and I know it will be something they will never forget.  They rode horses, went up to the homestead to the volcano, built a raft for the pond, had a fire, did art projects, had a star party on the tramp, made cookies, played and made flags for the tree house, everything they could have ever dreamed of.  Thank you mom for giving them that great memory this summer and for giving me a few days to enjoy!
8.  Abbie took first place with her softball team.  My mom came down to every one of her tournament games and I know it meant a lot to Abbie.  I loved watching her catch!
9.  Jayne's new response when I ask her to do something.  "Of course!"\
10.  Jason has been camping every weekend this month.  He went to Zions camp, Strippling Warriors camp, and headed to deacons camp.  He still has two more to go:) I love his texts at night when he gets in his tent!
11.  We had a great fathers day.  We went to Brick Oven with my dad on Saturday and then to Millers for dinner on Sunday.  I have been blessed with the greatest dad in the world.  I can honestly say that there is no one quite like him.  He gave me the greatest life a girl could ask for.  He made sure that I did everything that I ever wanted.  His encouragement, love, and oppinion has always meant the most to me.  I remember the times that I was away from home how much it meant to have him write me a letter or a little something on the bottom of my moms letters.  And I always looked forward to talking to him the most on the phone.  I always thought he was so wise and could always make me feel better when I was down.  I still look forward to anytime I am with him and love to watch him with my kids.  They love him so much too!

June 5 2012

1.  School is out and summer is a rockin and a rolling!
2.  Em is playing soccer 5 hours a day.
3.  Max started PG basketball camp yesterday and comes home with 20 friends after it is over. 
4.  I fed 14 kids lunch yesterday and today:)
5.  Jayne loves to have all of her friends home from school!
6.  Walking outside in the mornings.
7.  Going to softball and baseball games every night.  Max and Abbie are both their teams catchers and they are so fun to watch!  I feel like I have a set of twins with those two.  Abbie is a crack up to watch as she tries to scare back the runner to 3rd base.
8.  Max and Jason went to Zions camp together.  Max got to be on a tribe for the first time.  He bore his testimony 3 times this last weekend, one at ward testimonies, one in front of the whole stake, and one in sacrament meeting. 
9.  I took my girls to see Chimpanzee.  I had all 3 of the little girls sitting right on my lap.  Lucy said that the Chimp and the mother reminded her of me and her.  She cried through the whole movie.
10.  I love Jason's long curly locks!


April 4

1. Watching little Camden today. Jayne loved playing the big sister, feeding him his bottle and following his every move. I think today was just what I needed and was an answer to prayer.
2. I am SO very thankful for my healthy body and that I can take care of my family.
3. Abbie got 4 teeth pulled today. She was brave and I loved holding her hand.
4. Texts from Jason everyday that make me smile.
5. I love that Emilee comes home from school and tells me everything, even when I am COMPLETELY dumbfounded. How can I protect her? How can I open her eyes to boys?
6. Em scored 3 goals last night at her game. She was so proud. Grandma and Grandpa came to watch and then went to smothered burrito last night.
7. Lucy made the cutest book about her and Jayne. It said..."I love Jayne. Me and Jayne are BFF's. I evin like to play with Jayne. But most of all I love Jayne."
8. Max still begs to sleep with Jayne every night. Last night he started out in the girls bed and then moved downstairs to his own bed sometime in the night. He was a big help with Camden when he got home from school and followed him around.
9. Jason's compliments. He tells me how pretty I am everyday.
10. It was 75 degrees today and we went to the park.